Carbohydrates account for a major portion of the human diet and are metabolized into three principal monosaccharaides: galactose, fructose and glucose. The failure to catabolize and anabolize these molecules accounts for the majority of the inborn errors of carbohydrates metabolism. If an enzyme needed to process a certain sugar is missing, the sugar can accumulate in the body, causing problems.

Carbohydrate metabolism disorders are a group of metabolic disorders (galactosemia, galactose storage disorder and glucose transport disorder). These disorders are inherited.

Why Nutrition Management is important?

Treatment is designed to maintain normal blood glucose levels and is necessary to regulate the intake of carbohydrate. Carbohydrate restricted diet should be followed.

The diet is specific to each infant depending on the severity of condition, age, growth rate and result of diagnostic reports. Consult a dietician to fine-tune your child’s diet over time.

Providing education and support for the family is the key to a successful long range of therapy. Effective treatment is best achieved by a team of specialists such as your Physician, Nutritionist, Geneticist, Neurologist, and Psychologist.